Digital Education

Through the guiding principles and framework of our Strategic Vision Plan, in 2009 CCS embarked on an extraordinary and innovative journey in an effort to develop as a state and national leader in 21st century Christian education. The school board, administration, parents, and alumni joined forces to realize a shared vision - A Digital Conversion.  The purpose of the digital conversion initiative was to employ technology in ways that improve teaching and learning through increased student engagement, while teaching the CCS Enhanced Course of Study.  It is imperative to note that this project is a curriculum and instruction initiative, not a technology initiative.  Through this paradigm shift in methodology, we changed the way teachers teach and students learn, while utilizing an awesome set of technology tools.

As technology integrated within our instruction, digital content in the curriculum became a vital resource for students and teachers. Although laptops do not entirely replace textbooks, CCS, when available, uses a digital format for teaching and learning in order to keep the most up to date and accurate information readily accessible. The use of computers as an instructional tool has become increasingly important, just as technology continues to increase in importance in our everyday lives, including the workplace. It is our desire that students at CCS lead the way in creativity, curriculum content, and relevant-knowledge acquired.

Moving into a fully integrated model of teaching and learning has empowered our students to gain valuable critical thinking, problem solving, and higher-order cognition skills. With laptops at their fingertips, they have become more globally aware of their citizenship as digital natives. Our goal is that CCS’s students approach learning differently as research, project-based learning, and inquiry/problem solving activities become second nature to them.

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