At Cincinnati Christian Schools, faith and learning go hand-in-hand. For more than 40 years, we’ve developed a unique and proven educational model which infuses outstanding academic preparation with a Christ-centered, biblical outlook and approach.

We understand that each student is uniquely and wonderfully made, from the precocious preschooler to the discerning senior.  With Christ as the common bond, our differences—our unique God-given passions and talents—find room to grow and develop. Our small size and attentive personal approach opens doors to opportunities not available in other schools or programs.

Cincinnati Christian Schools create lifelong learners, creative thinkers, passionate disciples, and visionary leaders.  Our graduates are welcomed at universities, art institutions, and in the professional world because they have prepared for the intense competition they will encounter in post-secondary life.  Our environment encourages students to seek higher standards and to take initiative. They are highly motivated, and have become the natural learners and inquisitive students of life God created them to be.  

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